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06/06/15 02:53 PM #69    

Karen Dahl

I would love to see folks in a smaller group. I didn't attend the reunion,even tho I live in WB, near Century. I'm on facebook and am in the phone book. I don't think I have any memories. I recognise names, I was in the group that started in the one-room school Hoffman Corners thru graduation in 64. I am in awe of those who do remember the fun times! I was in school when Kennedy was shot, class? teacher? Not in my brain. Well- I'd like to hear of any plans. OK, one memory Kieth Johnstone called me "Bones", I was thrilled to have a nickname. HA!


06/07/15 04:46 PM #70    

Russell J (Toad) Hanson

Most of us are retired, so just about any weekday would be good. Just a matter of a place. I know I didn't get enough visiting in at the reunion.  Manitou station sounded good, although not sure where that is. Love to see everyone again.   Toad

06/07/15 06:35 PM #71    

Allen S Hodder

Toad, Manitou Station is a block or two from the Friday night event of the reunion. Easy walking distance from the hotel.

06/27/15 10:06 PM #72    

David Clarke

Hi, everyone! I won't be able to be there when you get together at the end of July and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a monthly or bimonthly lunch, happy hour, whatever, kind of thing. I am about 125 miles away but would be up for coming down to see anybody who would like to see each other in smaller groups. What do you think?

06/28/15 07:40 PM #73    

David Clarke

Would anyone be interested in trying to have monthly or bimonthly get-togethers in White Bear at some pre-set frequency, like, maybe the first Wednesday at 5:00p.m. for instance? I would really like to have more times to visit with whoever can show up. I was trying to think of anyone I wouldn't want to come but I decided I liked everybody in our class, pretty much without exception.

Dave Clarke

06/29/15 08:19 AM #74    

Ross E Anderson

Hi Dave --  some type of scheduled meeting makes sense for scheduling  --  have some old BB players I meet with the last wednesday of every month   --    makes some sense however to have some confirmation process to show who is attending as there are some who travel quite a way to get here.    Could be a happy hour/meal somewhere we all know   --  I'm it for whatever   -- if I recall the 617 was a well known haunt!!!   Take Care Ross

06/29/15 09:13 AM #75    

Carrol Gillette (Knutson)

There were numerous photos taken by a photographer at our 2014 Friday evening cocktail party.  I believe Connie was to receive the photos to be added to the 50th reunion photos.  Looking forward to enjoying them!  Thanks Connie and Al.



06/29/15 02:27 PM #76    

Daniel Seebart

Good idea Dave.  Even a quarterly schedule would be fun.

06/29/15 02:43 PM #77    

David Clarke

Yes, Ross, some pretty good memories at the "6" but they don't serve food do they? Maybe some of you who are more familiar with the present White Bear than I am have ideas about a place. Any more suggestions about a day of the month or should we just arbitrarily set a bi-monthly day and time?


06/29/15 03:30 PM #78    


Carl Bourdon



How about Admiral D's ?

Admiral D's Waterfront Tavern - White Bear Lake, MN

Across from Kowalskis Market and on the lake.

Near Tally's Ancher Inn

I discovered something with my new hip that Mr Sass commented about while walking into his geometry class in seventh grade!





06/29/15 04:05 PM #79    

David Clarke

Sounds good to me. What do others think? I'm so anxious to continue the friendships we reestablished at the reunion that I would meet at McDonalds if folks want to. What did he say that relates to your hip. I hope it is healing well, Carl.


06/30/15 09:54 AM #80    

Margaret (Margy) Davidson (Riemer)

Sure wish I could attend but it's a long commute from central Michigan!

06/30/15 12:04 PM #81    

Suzan Stone (Hurlburt)

Admiral D's sounds like a good one...if the weather is good.  At least we good start there.  How about Tuesday July 14 at 5pm or Saturday July 11 at 2?


06/30/15 12:31 PM #82    

Lynn M Bailey (Swenson)

Sounds like a fun time.  I think something quarterly would be good.  I won't be able to attend anything in July or the first week in August, but I think it's a really good idea!

06/30/15 02:41 PM #83    

Allen S Hodder

We will meet on either August 20th or 27th.  Both of those days are a Thursday.  We ran out of time for July 30th because not enough of time for some that are traveling a long distance to make arrangements.  I'll pick one of those days next week so everyone has time to plan

We still need to figure out which place in WBL to meet.  Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas.

06/30/15 02:44 PM #84    

Allen S Hodder

I'll bring my digital camera so those that can't make it have pictures to look at on our website.

07/01/15 05:02 PM #85    

Shirley T Pederson (Mastel)

I am so pleased to see how many classmates are interested in getting together.  I really think it's a great idea.  At first I thought it was just a few of you fellows looking to meet up but now that I see some of our girl classmates responding I'm happy to see we would be included.  I would definately like to be included.


07/02/15 04:47 PM #86    

Russell J (Toad) Hanson

Either of the August dates is good for us. We will be there. Looking forward to continuing the reunion. See you in August.    Toad

07/03/15 12:10 PM #87    

Ross E Anderson

HI All    --    either date works out for me  - Aug 20th or 27th   -- Ross

07/03/15 03:27 PM #88    

David Clarke

Me, too, either date. This will be historic!


07/04/15 12:29 PM #89    

Karen Dahl

I would like to be included on the list for Aug 20 or 27.


I had a dream last night that I was at a reunion. Someone had a rough video of several classmates. These classmates went to a foreign country that was also quiite premative. They were beach bums for awhile and the they envented something that made them rich! They were Toad, Doug Kopp, and 2 others I can't remember exactly. How close was my dream, guys?



07/04/15 01:36 PM #90    

David Clarke

Wow! You must be prescient, the invention was, in fact the bottomless bottle of beer. That is just eerie.

07/04/15 01:43 PM #91    

Allen S Hodder

Karen, it will be on the 27th.  Check the home page.

08/26/15 07:52 PM #92    

Suzan Stone (Hurlburt)

Hi all.  I might not make it tomorrow night.  My step father died this week and there is a lot going on.. If I'm not there hope you all have a ball!

08/30/15 07:39 AM #93    

James Wilcox Dimmers

Another thank you is due to Al Hodder for his arranging the get-together for last Thursday afternoon/evening, Aug. 27th. It was splendid and I 'almost' got the chance to speak with everyone there this time. As we do these eventually we will all have connected. The setting was perfect and the turn out quite impressive. What a nice addition to ones life to bring together in one place so many folks who knew each other early in their first steps into the world. It's a real treat to listen to people tell about where they have been. It's marvelous that we still make the time to gather (especially when someone like Al or Carol Tanning keep the ball rolling)!

Thank You!

Jim Dimmers

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