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08/31/15 02:08 PM #96    

Allen S Hodder

Carol, would you mind being in charge of the life boats?

09/02/15 08:04 AM #97    

Pat Gove (Proctor)

Hello to everyone! I wish I could have been there last week. I am in MN right now, but didn't get here until Tuesday. The boat idea sounds wonderful. If you pick a date soon enough, I can start planning an come back again. Miss seeing everyone.

09/02/15 12:35 PM #98    

Allen S Hodder

Pat, a decision about when will be made sometime in early spring time for our late summer/early fall meet up.

09/03/15 06:19 PM #99    

Diane Ruprecht (Johnson)

Hi everyone 

Living on the St. Croix for 40 years (yikes).  The Jubilee  paddles out of Stillwater. The Afton Princesses  out of Afton.  We are friends of both owner s. Yes adult drinks and several menus available on both. September is a special time .    Leaves are changing and weather is nice. I love the awesome idea!!! 


09/12/15 11:21 AM #100    

Janis Lester (Jordan)


There is an article about Japanese Americans during WWII in today's Pioneer Press  (page 3A.)   Mr. Nakasone is pictured and quoted.

09/13/15 05:21 PM #101    

Gary Hayes

Thanks Janis,

I'll send the article to my Daughter, as she also had Mr Nakasone for an instrustor.

Gary Hayes


09/13/15 05:23 PM #102    

Gary Hayes

(instructor) sorry about that

Gary Hayes

09/13/15 06:46 PM #103    


Thomas W Brink

Mr. Nakasone knew me too well and was completely unwilling to accept anything less than my best.  I remember one paper where he said it was a good paper, but he could tell that I had written it the night before.  Of all the nerve!  He was right, of course.

Do any of you remember the class period when he gave a two-letter reason for why perfume was invented?



01/30/16 09:46 AM #104    

Jerome H LeMire

Recently a classmate,John O'Gorman passed away ,John was also a classmate at St.mary's we graduated in 1960.I received an obituary notice from the St.Mary"s Alumni Board ,I am going to attempt to retype this entire notice because I don't think many of our classmates knew the extent of John's musical career.My typing isn't very good anymore and my hand writing is even worse,so be patient.     Dear St.mary of the lake class of 1960 This message is to let you know that your classmate,John,passed away on December 30th.He is survived by his wife,Connie Neuman,daughter Amy Holter and step sonScott Irwin;grand children,Leo, Ara and Evan Holter;siblings,Phillip,Steve,Patricia and Peter. In the 2010 Alumni News letter John shared that in high school he organized an instrumental quartet 'The Centurys' after HS he joined the Navy and was stationed in Vietnam,he studied music at the Naval Music Academy,the Commonwealth of Massachusettes,Berklee College of Music and also under Howard Roberts. He toured with the USO worldwide and performed on many US stages with prominent musicians.John was also a guitar teacher for many years A celebration of John's life was held on January 14th at Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel,Richfield MN with burial at fort Snelling Nat'l  Cemetery. This is about where my hands give out. Just thought you should know there was a lot more to John than what most of us knew     Jerry LeMire

04/01/16 07:56 AM #105    

Suzan Stone (Hurlburt)

There was a Doug Kopp obit in the paper details til Sunday paper.  I'm hoping it's not our Doug Kopp

11/22/16 11:54 AM #106    


Carl Bourdon

Fifty years plus three and the hour is approaching.. The event that if it did not happen there would have not been the Vietnam War, no flower childs, no social unrest and the attempt for the great society.

The presidents that followed could only attempt to have leadership and pride in America.

For me this is the freshest start to America with prosperity, equality, security, and pride.

I pray this is the end to the assault on police, dis-respect for the flag and shredding the constitution.

Instead of burning cities I am making my statement here.......

The hour is near, I am reflecting on comment #9, 1:10 PM, 11/22/13



12/08/16 06:46 PM #107    

Jerome H LeMire

Christmas 2016

Holiday Greetings from The LeMires:


Once again we send out our news in hopes that you will do the same.  We look forward to hearing from family and friends at this time of year.

We spent the first 3 months and the last 3 months of the year in Florida again this year.  We continue to enjoy golfing and line dancing, along with other outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, car shows, and festivals.  On February 29, we received the happy news of the birth of Marilyn’s new great-nephew in Illinois.  Nolan Herbert Lee was born to Michael and Elisabeth Lee just in time to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, something his great-grandpa would have loved to see.  Not sure that Nolan really understands the significance of this yet, but he will in a few years. 

We returned to Illinois in mid April and stayed until mid September.  Marilyn finally retired from her summer job and did not work this year.   She joined a Friday golf league, did a lot of hiking, and did volunteer work for DuPage County Forest Preserve District.  This included helping with a native plant sale, selling popcorn and lemonade at a special event, helping with a summer nature camp for 4-6 year olds, taking souvenir photos at a kids fishing derby, and doing some computer  projects in the office.   Jerry kept busy playing golf, taking care of the yard, and playing with his classic cars.  He made 2 trips to Minnesota with his car buddies to attend shows at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. We also spent a few days in Door County, Wisconsin in July. 

Bob, Angie, and the girls came to visit over Memorial Day weekend to host a party for Jerry’s 70th birthday.  In August we traveled to Colorado to visit and spend a few days at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park with the grandchildren. There we enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, archery, crafts, outdoor survival skills class, miniature golf, singing cowboy concert, and more. 

By mid September we were back in Florida, resuming our activities here. Marilyn has become more involved with the neighborhood women’s social club and is now a board member and co-chair of the newsletter and publicity. This year she has led 3 hikes for this club on the Florida Trail, introducing many to hiking in Florida.  She also seems to be in demand again as a substitute line dance and aerobics instructor, teaching several classes recently.  Jerry is back to playing golf twice a week and we both line dance with our group of friends for 2 hours almost every evening.  We plan to stay here until early April.   

We hope you have all had a good year and look forward to hearing your news.



                                                                                               Jerry & Marilyn LeMire

03/22/17 11:32 AM #108    

Suzan Stone (Hurlburt)

Phil Bonin died?  He was just at the gathering a few months back and looked great!  So shocking!

07/07/17 11:18 AM #109    

Suzan Stone (Hurlburt)

Are we going to get together this summer?

07/07/17 11:48 AM #110    

Allen S Hodder

Yes, check the home page.

07/08/17 08:39 PM #111    


Carl Bourdon

Both of my legs are functioning now with the hip replacements, so sign me in.....

08/30/17 01:14 PM #112    

Dennis (Dj) Smith

Hey that was fun!  Nice to chat with all that were there, and I recognized everyone.  Glad I came. 

06/26/19 09:47 PM #113    

Cheryl Hamer (Hauswirth)

Hello Class of '64

Is there or is there not a 55 year reunion on August 16? Months ago we were given the date and place but no information since then. Who is in charge? Is there a committee? How do we register and who do we pay? Several weeks ago there was a survey page but now I can't access it. There was such interest and enthusiasm for our 50th reunion so it seems a shame if the 55th doesn't generate the same expectations.

I hope someone will respond with answers to my questions. Thanks!

Cheryl Hamer Hauswirth

08/18/19 07:11 PM #114    


Richard Millington

'64 gang,

Those who made it to our "Stayin' Alive" 55th Reunion had a blast at Rudy's Friday night Aug. 16, 2019.  Andy Hollingsworth and his wife came all the way from Alaska and Barb (Hughes) Williams and her husband Paul, all the way from Winter Garden, FL.  We had at total of 35 people show up, and a dozen RSVP no-shows (we missed you!).  But it was so good to see you all.  We had more food than we could eat.  (Special thanks to my love Sally (Eckman) Lynch and Carol (Mickelson) Tanning for organizing everything food and festivity related.  Also thank you to everyone who gave more than the $20 cover charge to keep our class website domain, so ably managed by Al Hodder, staying alive as well. We didn't have a photographer per-se and the photos I just posted (you have to look at the tab "50th Class Reunion photos" for the 55th reunion photos), were the ones my daughter Nell took, so many who were there are missing.  Please post your photos if you took any.  Among those there who are not pictured:  Dan Seebart and Barb (Black) Seebart, Chuck Tuchfarber, Mike Fleming, Cheryl (Hamer) Hauswirth, Lonnie (Foote) Thompson, Ted Glasrud, Ross Anderson & wife Diana, Connie (Meininger) Thalacker, Pat (Snyder) Horan, Carolyn (Johnson) Kleinke, and Mike Krebsbach and wife Jacci.  So please post your photos on the 55th to get these class mates in there.  Thank you.

Go Bears, Rick & Sally

08/20/19 07:25 AM #115    


Barbara J Hughes (Williams)

Thanks to those who worked on setting up the 55 reunion!  It was so much fun!  Thanks also to Cheryle Hamer for the pictures!

08/20/19 08:46 AM #116    

Dennis (Dj) Smith

Thanks for the photos Cheryl and Rick.  Looks like it was a lot of fun and even though I missed it, I enjoy looking at the photos. 

09/01/19 05:45 PM #117    

Cheryl Hamer (Hauswirth)

Hello to the Class of 64! I finally edited, deleted duplicates, and added captions to my photos of the reunion. It was a fun get-together full of memories, laughter, and catching up. How about a 75th Birthday Party for all of us in 2021? 




11/11/21 07:46 PM #118    

Lynn M Bailey (Swenson)

Thanks,Al, for your post on Veterans Day. Many of us had grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, children and grandchildren who have honorably and selflessly served our country. We all owe a big debt of gratitude to each and everyone of them for the freedoms we enjoy today. Freedom is not free. God Bless America!

10/22/23 10:12 AM #119    

Ross E Anderson

Can you believe it   --  60 years coming up   -- !!!   Any plans?   Ross Anderson

10/22/23 03:00 PM #120    

Allen S Hodder

If anyone wants to take the time to put on the 60th reunion, let me know. We don't have much money in our account to help. $155.

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