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Judy Bestland (Cherry)

Judy Bestland (Cherry)

Published in PIONEER PRESS on Nov 5 2012

Of Vadnais Heights (nee Bestland) Beloved mother of Shannon Bowman; grandmother of Miles Floyd, Maddie Ann; sister of Kaaren (Floyd) Hendrickson, Mick (Sher), Jerry (Rochelle), & Denny (Joan) Bestland; many nieces & nephews. Visitation 9-11 AM with 11 AM Funeral Service Wednesday at ROSE OF SHARON LUTHERAN Church , 70th & Jamaica, Cottage Grove. Interment Cottage Grove Cemetery.

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03/12/14 11:38 AM #1    

Allen S Hodder

Photo is of Judy when she was a junior (1963).

09/05/14 10:25 PM #2    

James Wilcox Dimmers

Tonight while I feel such great anticipation of what will be happening in just one week my thoughts drift to the many who will not be there, not in person anyway, but far far from absent!. Each classmate that has gone on ahead has left indelible marks on many friends souls. Judy Bestland certainly left many!

Wouldn't it be lovely were it that she had lived to come to her 50th? Wouldn't it be a treat for us to see her walk through those doors wearing her long satin gloves and a shimmering gown, probably a boa too? She would sing us onto Cloud Nine again with that fabulous gravely voice which always made me wonder how such a huge sound could be housed within so tiny a woman! The term, "belt it" was made for Judy and belt it she did!  At talent shows Judy rocked the auditorium, yet in hallways between classes that tiny little lady could barely see over peoples shoulders!

Next Saturday night Judy will be one of the already accomplished Artists from our class that I will propose a toast in honor of  and probably not with the driest of eyes while somewhere in the wings Judy's incomparable voice still echos in our ears, in our hearts...

We loved you, Judy and we LOVE you still!

Jim Dimmers

09/06/14 07:29 PM #3    

Julie Dybdal (Glesne)

Hello Jim and 1964 classmates!

Jim, you expressed so very well what we all must feel about next weekend...excitement to see our old ( I did not mean old) classmates, but also a sadness with so many that are not able to be there. It has been a rough year for the 64 alumni.

Many thanks to the group that has worked so hard and long to make the 50th Reunion a reality!!! How fortunate we are to attend:) Did you ever think in 1964 that you would be attending your 50th reunion???

When I had seen that Judy had passed...I could see her and remember her as Jm did. The 7 th grade talent show on the WBHS stage and Judy walking out like she owned the place!

I kept trying to remember the name of the song she sang. When you descibed her outfit, I could hear her sing  "Oh Daddy..I want a diamond ring, bracelets , everything. Oh Daddy....but the name of it? I can't remember. OK I was a little jealous. I came out and played some classical piece on the piano and really... was any junior high kid listening?? Then Judy comes out...and WOW! It was the hit of the whole show! Jim, I am so glad that you remembered her on that day also. Thanks for the memories! BTW ...Dimmers was always seated in front of Dybdal, and for that I'm glad:)

See you soon!


09/07/14 01:45 PM #4    

David Clarke


You made that post so warm and evocative of fun memories. I am that Judy is smiling and saying, "Yeah, that's exactly right!". It brought me right back to school and made me remember things I've forgotten. It also made me remember hearing you play the piano and I do remember that you were pretty darn good and I have great memories about your positive and fun personality. 

Thank you and Jim both, it's nice to have two who craft words so well memorialize a wonderful classmate. We have lost too many friends we were looking forward to seeing at the reunion. It's important to salute their memory and to greet each other with the affection of  gratitude for being able to talk with them again and to relive those days when we were young together.

with gratitude to both you and Jim for your thoughtfulness,

Dave Clarke


09/07/14 04:25 PM #5    

Janis Lester (Jordan)

Who could forget that performance by Judy singing " Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, Could she, Could she, Could she coo. Has anybody seen me gal?"  It was the perfect song for Judy.




09/08/14 10:55 AM #6    

James Wilcox Dimmers

Dear Julie, Janis and Dave and all other Judy Bestland fans,

Julie, I was so happy to hear from you! Yes Dybdal and Dimmers were always near one another and that I liked too! We had some good times along the way. So glad your career has been music. Fear not, there were a good number of us always glad to hear you play, you gave permission for Classical music to be OK to listen to. In part individuals like you set firther a need/love for Classical music which is ALWAYS going while I work. MPR--a gift that keeps on giving as they say!

Dave, you have always been such an exceptional gentleman. Your appreciation of what classmates have done is very clear  you express that so fully but I suggest you take a  better look at yourself when speaking of people "crafting words." Your email address a tiny example!

Janis, I remember the "Five Foot Two," and didn't that song, as you said, fiit Judy? But didn't Judy do a medely? I remember  "Whatever Lola Wants" which goes along with Julie's recollection of "..Oh Daddy..I  want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything!" She threw her head back, extended her arms high and did a finger walk down a satined glove while she added her own words to the song. If I only dreamed that I am REALLY a lucky dreamer! Also, did she not perform in a talent show at Sunrise as well as the one in 7th  grade at the high school?

Sadly my once fairly sharp memory is taking off for that place worn memory folders depart to, where ever that is I hope it's warm!



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